who is the highest-paid nfl player 2020

Out of the four professional American sports, National Football League (NFL) raises the highest revenue. NFL’s 2019 season alone made around $16 Billion. Wow! And this is not the only reason why this game is so much popular. It also breeds some of the highest-paid NFL players every season. Mahomes and Bosa are a few to name. So leaving aside the NFL standings, recruitment, scores, and schedule, let’s today find out who is the highest-paid NFL player 2020.

While some take the average annual salary and signing amount into consideration, others only look upon the latter to prepare such a list. We have tried to bring some mix and match here. Let’s see how it goes.

Who is the highest-paid NFL player 2020/2021?

Myles Garrett, DE, Browns

This player who served the second-longest suspension in NFL history later signed a $125 million contract with the Browns in 2020. From playing college football in Texas to winning All-Pro honors, Garrett got through an amazing journey. And not just him, but his family has 2 other top-class athletes Sean Williams and Brea Garrett. Both of which have played in basketball and track and field tournaments for years.

In 2015, Garrett decided to leave Twitter for being too much negative. But as he achieved the heights he always wanted, the social media journey resumed. One of the highest-paid NFL players for a reason.

Average Annual Salary Amount: $25 Million

Guaranteed Signing Amount: $50 Million

Matthew Stafford, QB, Lions

Playing as Quarterback for the Detroit Lions, Matthew managed to become the fastest player in NFL history to complete 40k yards in just 147 games. In fact, he is the 4th quarterback to have covered 5000 yards or more in a single season. For his mind-blowing record of securing most comeback wins, he was signed for a $135 Million extension contract to continue with the Lions.

This made Matthew the highest-paid NFL player at the time, with salary and signing amount details as follows:

Average Salary: $27 Million

Guaranteed Signing Amount: $60.5 Million

With numerous records in his name, he’s quickly ramping up in the race of becoming the highest-paid NFL player 2021.

Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay Packers

This 37-year-old Quarterback was signed for the first NFL Draft in 2005. From winning Super Bowl MVP twice to ‘The Associated Press Athlete‘ title in 2011, Aaron’s journey has been truly commendable. Rodgers now owns some ownership stakes in NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. Moreover, he is a general partner in his $50 Million venture launched with Roth Capital in 2019.

His father himself used to play football as an offensive lineman for the Chico State Wildcats. That is where I guess Aaron acquired the traits from. He is now in the 3rd season with the Packers, a contract that was extended with $134 Million till 2023.

Average Annual Salary: $33.5 Million

Guaranteed Signing Price: $37.5 Million

Endorsements: $9 Million

Now you see how difficult it is to find who is the highest-paid NFL player 2020. But let’s continue.

Jared Goff, QB, Los Angeles Rams

Jared in 2016 was the first overall pick in the NFL Draft. With two Pro Bowl honors and records in his name, Jared signed a $134 Million contract in 2019 to keep playing for the Rams till 2024. This deal had a $21 Million roster bonus which is huge. His image among the masses is too big that his endorsement partners include Nike, Red Bull, BMW, Pizza Hut, Banana Republic, and more.

Jerry Goff, Jared’s father, was a Major Baseball League Player who served an important role in supporting and pushing the latter to pursue his career.

Total Earnings: $33.5 Million

Average Guaranteed Amount: $57.15 Million

Endorsements: $2 Million

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Tom Brady, Quarterback, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady is a big name in the NFL who has won 6 Super bowls out of 9, setting a record for both these figures in NFL history. With four Super Bowl MVP and three NFL MVP awards, Tom’s NFL career has been doing awesome. Tom’s first 20 seasons went with the New England Patriots. He has so many records and accolades in his name that listing them here would be a long process.

Now he plays for the Buccaneers who signed him for a whopping $50 Million for just 2 years. His own production house called 199 Productions develop documentaries, TV Shows, and feature films. Moreover, he has recently partnered with Christopher Cloos, an eyewear company to produce an exclusive Brady-branded collection comprising of sunglasses and blue shades.

Total Earnings: $37 Million

Average Annual Salary: $25 Million

Guaranteed Signing Amount: $50 Million

Ryan Tannehill, QB, Titans

Like many others, Ryan started football at Texas A&M before joining one of the national football league teams. He plays for the Tennessee Titans on a $118 Million deal signed for four years.  This Pro Bowl winner served the Dolphins for six years before the 2018 season. After this, he got picked up by the Titans owing to his NFL Comeback Player of the Year image.

Average Annual Salary: $29.6 Million

Guaranteed Signing Amount: $62 Million

Deshaun Watson, Quarterback, Houston Texans

Watson finished to the limelight when he led his team to a national championship win in 2016. It was due to this win and his grip in the game that he got signed in the very first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. This newly induced quarterback is already one of the four players with an above 100 rating as a career passer.

His net worth and salary stats are believed to increase by 100% post-2025 when his contract with the Texans would finally end. Watson is just 25 and has a promising career ahead.

Total Earnings: $37.4 million

Salary: $29.4 million

Endorsements: $8 million

Keep reading, we are close to finding out who is the highest-paid NFL player 2020.

Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys

If there’s any NFL player with several rookie quarterback records on his name, Prescott got the lead. From being picked up in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft to winning the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award, Prescott’s on-field success kept soaring until now. Now, he has two Pro-Bowl honors that helped him sign a one-year franchise’ for $31.4 million to play in 2020.

Besides all this, he has garnered endorsements from brands like Adidas, AT&T, DirecTV, etc. With a 97.3 career passer rating, he undoubtedly has a spot in who is the highest-paid NFL player 2020 list.

His franchise tag with the Cowboys is secured with a deal of having a long-term contract post-2020. So he could just chill with his hard-earned money now.

Average Annual Salary: $31.4 million

Guaranteed Signing Amount: $31.41 million

Kirk Cousins, QB, Minnesota Vikings

First drafted by Washington Redskins in the 2012 NFL Draft, Kirk started as a backup for the Robert Griffin III, a fellow rookie, but came out in full-swing after 2015. And then he established many franchise records year after year with his name to the 2017 Pro Bowl honor as well.

Also after many failed attempts to secure a long-term deal, Kirk finally signed an $84 million contract with the Vikings. In 2020 his contract has been further extended till 2022 for an additional $66 million. From being a franchise player to a guaranteed million dollar deal, Kirk is a potential entry to who is the highest-paid NFL player 2020 list.

Total Earnings: $42.5 million

Bonuses: $40 million

Guaranteed Signing Amount: $61 million

 Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Steelers

Also known as ‘Big Ben’, this player was first drafted by the Steelers in the 2004 NFL draft. Idolising  John Elway to an extent that he wears no. 7 in his honor, Ben right now is one of the most incredible passers in NFL history. He has numerous records and a whopping net worth in his name.

His deal with the Steelers got extended for two years in 2019 for $68 million. Here are his salary and contract stats:

Annual salary (average): $34 million

Guaranteed Signing Amount: $37.5 million

Carson Wentz, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

Carson is the first quarterback with record throws of more than 4000 yards in entire NFL history. 4039 yards is the most in a single season in the franchise history, all accomplished by Carson owing to his passion and commitment for the game.

Carson’s winning streak started in college with 5 NCAA FCS National Championships. His extension contract with the eagles was worth $128 million with a $38 million bonus for 2020. His popularity and social influence gave him endorsements from Nike, Amazon, Bose, Stanford Health, etc.

Total Earnings: $43.5 million

Bonuses: $40 million

Brand Endorsements: $4 million

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Joey Bosa, DE, Los Angeles Chargers

Joey Bosa came to the limelight when he led Clemson to a national championship and became the finalist for the Heisman Trophy twice. He has an off-field income of $75 million, along with $48.3 million of pre-tax earnings which are huge. Joey recently signed a 5-year extension with the Los Angeles Chargers for $135 million that also has around $42 million of upfront bonuses.

Bosa is the only defensive end to secure a signing amount of $78 million, all due to his brilliant track record. He is by far the only defensive end among ‘who is the highest-paid NFL player 2020’, which is otherwise a list full of quarterbacks from different NFL teams.

If we talk about the average income per year calculated for just 5 years, then Joey Bosa is the highest-paid NFL player. But if the criteria is evaluating the overall ‘average annual salary‘, then there are many players ahead.

Average Annual Salary: $27 million

Guaranteed Signing Amount: $78 million

 Patrick Mahomes, QB, Chiefs

Playing for the Kansas City Chiefs, Mahomes in the 2019-20 season led his team to their first Super Bowl title since 1970. For this incredible feat, he was awarded the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player of the Year award. And as a result, the Chiefs retained him with a 10-year extension deal worth $477 million making him the highest-paid NFL player 2020.

Besides this, he’ll also be paid an additional $26 million as a bonus; thereby raising the amount to $503 million which is the highest till now.

Nobody before this contract had ever imagined paying or getting such an amount. He is the second-youngest QB after Ben Roethlisberger to grab Super Bowl, and the third African-American to do so.

Average Annual Salary: $45 million

Guaranteed Signing Amount: $63.082 million


So this is it. Now you know who is the highest-paid NFL player 2020? It’s Patrick Mahomes. Russell Wilson is the second-highest-paid NFL player 2020 with an annual average salary of $35 million and a guaranteed signing amount of $70 million.