Have you ever thought what are some strangest buildings in the world? Who built them? You certainly might have. You need not be a civil engineer or an architect to observe such a wonder. Just need to have an observant eye. If you love to wander around the world you would have witnessed some great monuments however have you ever wondered does it have a weird style! Maybe not. Don’t worry we will help you with some of the strangest buildings in the world.

The buildings mentioned here have no perfect order, just have been mentioned randomly for the knowledge purpose.

5 Most Strangest Buildings in the World

Mind House (Barcelona Spain)

strangest buildings in the world

Mind House, also known as Park Guell was established in 1914 and is a park containing gardens and architectural elements. The park was opened to the general public in 1926. Originally it was a housing society however failed to be one and was sold to the authorities by the owner. In 1984 the site was declared as World Heritage by UNESCO. There is an entrance fee for visiting various parts of the park however the entrance remains free.

Rotating Tower Dubai

rotating tower dubai

The Rotating tower and more famously known as Dynamic Tower would be another feather in Dubai’s hat however would ve first of the strangest building in Dubai. The Dynamic tower is yet to constructed a 420 m floor moving skyscraper.  Each floor is to be designed to rotate independently by 360 degrees in 180 minutes. The building is also expected to generate 1,200,000KwH of energy every year through solar panels that could be installed on the roof and top of each floor.

Cubic House Netherlands

cubic house

Cube houses are the strangest building in the Netherlands and one among the strangest buildings in the world. The main objective to design such houses was to optimize the space inside the house. The first test version was constructed in 1974 and the next 18 more in 1978.  The houses generally represent a forest where each house is an individual tree in that forest.

Sutyagin House Russia

Sutyagin House or the wooden skyscraper is the strangest building in Russia and also in the world. The building was 13 storey and 44 m tall. The building was constructed by Sutyagin and his family. The construction started in 1992  and continued for a period of 15 years. The structure is no longer available as it was pulled down on court orders and the remaining 4 storeys were dismantled manually.

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The Basket Building  Ohio USA

The Basket Building is the biggest and one of the strangest buildings in the world. The building was built in 1997 and weighs about 9,000 tonnes. The building belongs to Longaberger Company manufacturer of hand made maple wood basket and other products.  The building cost about 30 million dollars. It is 18000 square feet and home to modern offices with world-class equipment.