Sexiest Female Bodybuilders on Instagram

While bodybuilders look all rough and tough from the outside, this list of sexiest female bodybuilders on Instagram is enough to change anyone’s perspective.

Bodybuilding had always been a men’s sport. Bodybuilder workout too is not easy, which as an excuse kept females away from this sport. But as more and more bodybuilding athletes started realizing their potential, a new door for female bodybuilding opened up. And this changed the entire scenario in which bodybuilding was seen. Although we may have a little less no. of women participating as compared to men, they are nowhere lagging behind as far as competing potentials are set.

And now as I can sense that you’re eager, let’s quickly see who these sexiest female bodybuilders on Instagram are. Plus we’re providing links to these female bodybuilders Instagram profile to ease your stalking.

Let’s get started.

Most Popular Female Bodybuilders on Instagram

1: Natalia Kuznetsova

Female Bodybuilders Instagram Natalia Kuznetsova

Natalia is a 29-year-old Russian female bodybuilder girl who is more popular with the nickname ‘Amazonka’. Her proportions look as unreal as her half-million fan base on Instagram. ‘Unreal’ because not many athletes from a less-highlighted sport get access to such a massive fan base.

She is also the heaviest female bodybuilder with titles in arm lifting, deadlifts, and bench press. Natalia started power-lifting when she was just 14, and now she has a mix of amazing biceps, triceps, thighs, and a ripped profile. She weighs 220 lb (100 kg) and is 5’8” in height. She is the one name in the female bodybuilding responsible for promoting and highlighting this sport among the masses.

So presenting to you, one of the biggest and the heaviest female bodybuilders in the world: Amazonka Kuznetsova

Instagram: Nataliya Kuznetsova

2: Bakhar Nabieva

Bakhar Nabieva Sexy Female bodybuilder

This 26-year-old from Azerbaijan is one of the most popular female bodybuilders on Instagram. From being bullied at school to inspiration for millions, Nabieva has truly come a long way. Who knew that the taunts on her skinny legs would one day turn her into an absolute diva in the bodybuilding world. Now she is ‘Miss Iron Bum‘ owing to her great aesthetics and strength.

Nabieva is 5’2” in height and weights 115-125 lbs (52-57 kg). So all in all she is a tiny powerhouse who is pro in weightlifting and complex bodybuilding workouts. Her popularity on Instagram is still growing. All thanks to her seductive proportions and sexy Instagram photos.

One interesting thing about her is that she never wanted to be a fitness model. She hit gyms just to grow the areas that everybody used to taunt her for. But as she turned into a beautiful lady, her mind shifted to a new course and later merged into bodybuilding.

Instagram: Bakhar Nabieva

3: Jessica Buettner

Jessica Buettner

Jessica is a 25-year-old Canadian female power-lifter who bagged a silver medal in the IPF World Championship 2019. She got all the attention in 2018 when she broke three junior powerlifting records in the World Championship.

Jessica has 144k followers on Instagram and is quickly growing into an internet sensation. She is one of the most impressive powerlifters with a record of lifting up 562.5 kg in Raw Nationals-72 kg. Not just bodybuilding, Jessica has also competed in the shot put before. She is a pharmacist and Type 1 diabetic, but that’s not enough to stop her from doing what she truly loves.

Instagram: Jessica Buettner

4: Yuan Herong

Yuan Herong

Yuan Herong is China’s most famous female bodybuilder girl. Her physique not just comprises of a ripped and massive frame but is also equipped with a perfect weight-to-hip ratio. A doctor who is a part-time fitness model has one of the sexiest physiques which is a rare scene. She had 3,32,000 Instagram followers on her account that got stolen. Now she has around 57k followers with the numbers still soaring.

Yuan always wanted to become a Kung Fu fighter. But as her parents belong to the medical background, she had to pursue the same. Now that she is a doctor, fitness modelling is the field that has given her more recognition.

Her seductive Instagram photos are really alluring. This female bodybuilder Instagram shows her hard work and immense dedication behind all the aesthetics she possesses.

Instagram: Yuan Herong

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5: Carrie June Anne Bowlby

Carrie June Anne Bowlby

With 1.4 million followers, this American based fitness model is one of the sexiest female bodybuilders on Instagram. She has built really strong legs from being stick-thin and that speaks a lot about the hard work she puts in. Carrie is 1.62m tall and weighs around 56-62 kg. Besides modelling, she had also been a gymnast and cheerleader with amazing flexibility.

Due to such a heavy fan base, she has garnered a lot of money through brand modelling. She also has her own beauty apparel named ‘Mini Beast‘ that adds a lot more to her net worth. This female bodybuilders Instagram is full of fitness and modelling tips for helping other aspirants as well. Although she has never been to any bodybuilding event her proportionate physique and ripped profile look just like a bodybuilder.

Instagram: Carrie June Anne Bowlby

6: Renee Enos

Renee Enos

Famous by the username ‘roxyqueflexx’, Renee is a Hawaii based fitness model who pursued her passion after coming to the USA.  Along with modelling, she also loves wearing Cosplay outfits for her 616k fan base on Instagram. Renee shows immense passion for heavy weightlifting and a healthy lifestyle. Owing to her never-ending hunger for building great aesthetics. she calls herself a ‘Fitnerd‘.

But within her strong body, also lies a weakness. Renee is Trypophobic, which is a phobia of small holes, bumps, or irregular patterns. Renee is just another human being who got fed up with her bad dieting and started the gym to induce positivity. And as soon as she started liking the results, the journey never stopped.

This female bodybuilders Instagram is stuffed with clips where she’s lifting heavy and doing compound exercises. No doubt why she is a popular face in the female bodybuilding world.

Instagram: Renee Enos

7: Savannah Prez

Savannah Prez

Savannah is a 20-year-old fitness sensation from Belgium. From a small village to the limelight in the fitness world, Savannah’s journey is truly inspiring. She started gym being a 17 year old and had to balance studies and rigorous training for years. With many Cups and Titles on her name, she is now one of the top Bikini athletes 2019 especially known for her seductive curves and bold Instagram avatars.

Apart from fitness training and modelling in bikini, Savannah has also played basketball for around 10 years. But as she disliked fixed training hours, she had to leave that sport. Her debut in the bodybuilding world started in the 2014 Belgium Championship with a second spot. This gave her a lot of initial mileage that grew significantly with time.

All because of her balanced nutrition intake and rigorous workout routine.

Instagram: Savannah Prez

8: Guusje Van Geel

Guusje Van Geel

This 21-year-old is Dutch and has an impressive fan following on Instagram. Although she is not into professional bodybuilding, her amazing profile says the opposite. She is in fact a social media influencer famous for her sensational videos on YouTube and Tik-Tok.

Geel is more experienced in dancing and gymnastics. But her affinity towards fitness modelling and lifestyle influencing began when she became a Gymshark athlete. She has around 480k Instagram followers that straight away boosted her morale for doing heavy workouts.

Now she has an amazing body loaded with curves at the very right places. Also, she actively vlogs on YouTube which is the primary source of inspiration for her fans.

Instagram: Guusje Van Geel

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9: Juliana Esteso

Juliana Esteso

This female bodybuilders Instagram says ‘First Champion of France Wellness‘ and her physique proves it all. She has around 437k followers on Instagram and is an active fitness coach. Her profile is a bit on the ripped side with great thighs and a muscular frame.

Juliana has always been in the news for her hot legs and sexy butts. Her Wellness Title proves that she has a highly developed lower body and toned-down upper body. She’s one of the few incredibly ripped female bodybuilders on Instagram.

Instagram: Juliana Esteso

10: Maddy Daniel

Maddy Daniel

Maddy is a budding powerlifter who is quickly growing into a social media influencer. With a blend of a muscular figure, sharp abs, and a beautiful smile, Maddy is one of the most popular budding female bodybuilder on Instagram. From posting workout clips to killing photos of her sexy physique, Maddy’s Instagram is really impressive.

If you’re new and wish to see how beautifully people transform, Maddy’s profile is the one you should be looking for.

Instagram: Maddy Daniel

So this was our compilation for the sexiest female bodybuilders on Instagram. You can peek through these famous female bodybuilders Instagram through the links provided with their bio. For more amazing lists and biographies. We may also come up with another compilation for the ‘Female Bodybuilder India‘ slot. So just stay tuned.