richest athletes in the world

Sports nowadays not only brings popularity but also a lot of money. So the question arises is who was the richest sportman in 2019 or who is the richest athletes in the world in 2020?  So to answer all those question we have a lost of richest athletes in the world.

The list of the richest athletes in the world has athletes from different spheres of sports. There is huge money that sports bring nowadays. In the process of representing one’s nation, the athletes have made millions over a period. So we thought of pondering over the richest athletes in the current time, Some of the names were quite obvious but some did shock us. So let’s just dive into details without wasting much time.

The athletes are ranked from bottom to top. So just read the whole article for more insights.

Carson Wentz

Eagles at Redskins 9/10/17

Carson Wentz is one of the richest NFL football players and number 10 in the list of the richest athletes in the world. The American football quarterback represents the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football league. He has an earning of $59.1 Million in 2019. The NFL footballer earned $50 Million from his fees and $4 Million from endorsements.

Carson during his initial days at Philadelphia holds multiple NFL and Eagle rookie awards. The 27-year-old athlete also played college football at North Dakota State University.

Carson Wentz Records:

  • 540 passes in the first 24 games of his career(most by any athlete).
  • First Quarterback to have a 4,000-yard season without having a single receiver with at least 500 receiving yards.
  • First Quarterback in history to throw for 20 or more TDs and 7 or less INT in 3 consecutive seasons

Records for Eagle Franchise

  • The first quarterback to throw over 4000 yards in the history of the Franchise.
  • 33 touchdowns in a season highest ever.
  • 388 pass completions in a season highest ever.
  • 607 pass attempts most ever.
  • 19 Consecutive games with a touchdown pass most ever.

Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins with an earning of $68.5 million is number 9 in the list of richest athletes in the world. Kirk made $58million in winning and salary and $2.5Million in endorsements. The American quarterback represented the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League later was drafted to Washington Redskins.

For Vikings, he holds a record of most pass completion in a (425).

Records for Washington Redskins:

  1. 6 300-yard passes in a game, most by any player.
  2. 24 300-yard passes in a career, most by any player.
  3. 406 pass completions ina regular season, most by any player.
  4. 232 passes without an interception at home.
  5. 3 400 yard passes in a career, most by any player.
  6. 3 4000- yard passing seasons, most by any player.
  7. 3 consecutive 4000-yards passing seasons.

Tiger Woods

With total earnings of $62.3Million, Tiger Woods is on number 8 in the list of richest athletes in the world. He made $2.3Million in salary and the remaining $60Million in endorsements. Tiger is an American golfer and holds numerous golf records. He is regarded as the greatest golfer and is to be inducted in World Golf Hall of Fame in 2021.

Kevin Durrant

The number seven on the list of richest athletes in the world would be Kevin Durant with total earnings of $63.9 Million. The American Basketball player represents Brooklyn Nets for National Basketball Association.

Some of the achievements of Kevin Durrant are:

  1. Won 2 NBA championships.
  2. NBA Most valuable player award.
  3. 2 Finals Most Valuable Player Award.
  4. NBA All-star game Most Valuable Player Award.
  5. NBA scoring Titles
  6. 4 NBA scoring titles.
  7. NBA Rookie of the year award.
  8. 2 Olympic Gold Medals.

Stephen Curry

Warriors at Wizards 2/3/16

With total earnings of $74.4 Million, Stephen Curry is the number 6 in the list of richest athletes in the world. He made $30Million, from his salary and winning and the rest $44.4Million in endorsements.

Some Records of Stephen Curry

  1. Named as NBA Most Valuable Player Twice.
  2. Won 3 NBA championship.
  3. 6 NBA all-star
  4. 5 NBA 3 Point field Goals
  5. Champion of NBA all skills challenge.
  6. 2011 NBA Sportsmanship award.

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LeBron James

Number 5 in the list of richest athletes in the world would be one of the all-time greats of basketball star LeBron James. James earned $88.8Million, out of which $28.2 Million were from his salary and winnings and the remaining $60Million from endorsements.  He is regarded as the greatest player in basketball history along with Michael Jordan.

Awards and Honors won by James:

  1. 3 times NBA champion.
  2. NBA finals Most Valuable player thrice.
  3. 4 times NBA most valuable player.
  4. 16 NBA all-star.
  5. Thrice NBA all-star game Most Valuable Player.
  6. 2 times Olympic Gold Winner.
  7. Olympic Bronze Medal winner
  8. FIBA World Championship Bronze Medal Winner.
  9. USA Male Basketball Athlete of the year 2012


Nyemar Jr. the Brazilian footballer takes the number 4 spot in the list of richest athletes in the world. He had whopping earnings of $95.5 Million in the year 2019 majority f which came through his salary and winnings. He is widely considered one of the best footballers in the world.  He made his professional debut at the age of 17.

Awards and Honors by Neymar

  1. South American Footballer of the year twice.
  2. 3rd Highest Goal Scorer for his national team.
  3. Named as the most remarkable athlete in the world in 2012 & 2013.
  4. 2016 Gold Medalist in Summer Olympics
  5. 2012 Silver Medalist in Summer Olympics
  6. South American Championship
  7. LA Liga World Best Player
  8. FIFA World Cup Bronze Boot 2014
  9. Dream Team FIFA World Cup 2014

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is at number 3 in the list of richest athletes in the world. Last year Messi earned $104Million, most of which is from his salary and winnings. He is also the second richest footballer in the world. Messi Captain’s Spanish Club Barcelona and the National Team of Argentina.

Messi Awards and Honors

  1. Six Ballon D’Or Awards
  2. European Gold Shoes six times.
  3. 34 Club Trophies
  4. Over 700 career goals.
  5. 4 times UEFA Champions League.
  6. FIFA Club World Cup Thrice
  7. FIFA U-20 World Cup
  8. Summer Olympics 2008
  9. FIFA world cup golden ball 2014
  10. FIFA Player of the year 2009.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is number 2 in the list of richest athletes in the world. With total earnings of $105 Million, he is ahead of his counterpart Lionel Messi. The Portuguese footballer is regarded as an all-time great. Ronaldo plays for Club Juventus and is Captain of the Portugal National Team for Football.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer with earnings of $106.3 Million is the richest athlete in the world. He is currently ranked as Number 4 in the world by the Association of Tennis Professionals. He has several records to his name. The record of most Wimbledon Singles (8) belongs to Roger Federer.

Some Record and Achievements

  1. World No 1. in ATP rankings for 310 weeks
  2. Record 31 Grand Slam Finals
  3. 24 ATP Tour 500 titles.
  4. 5 time ITF world champion
  5. ATP Player of the year 5 times


So the list of richest athletes in the world wasn’t an exhaustive one but was quite interesting. Well, most of the names were quite obvious but their earnings weren’t. So what’s you take on our list of richest athletes in the world. DO let us know in the comment section.