psychological facts about humans

Human Psychology controls a lot of things we do. How we react to different situations is determined by human psychology. There are certain psychological facts that most of us are unaware of and are never bothered about them.

So here is a list of psychological facts that can have a big impact on you and your life.

Psychological facts about dream

  1. Closing your eyes helps you remember things
  2. The very last person on your mind before you sleep is the reason for your happiness or pain.
  3. Your nightmares and dreams may be the memories of your previous life.
  4. Nightmares are usually caused by sleeping in extremely cold room temperature.

Psychological Facts about Human Behavior

  1. Nothing holds you back more than your insecurities.
  2. Hearing is the last sense to go when you die.
  3. Your taste in music develops through experience, It’s not something you are born with.
  4. One of the hardest tasks is to convince yourself that you no longer care.

Psychological Facts on Love

  1. A healthy relationship never requires you to sacrifice your dreams, friends, and dignity.
  2. The most unexpected relationships last longer than the expected ones.
  3. Philophobia is the condition in which a person fears the idea of love or getting attracted to someone.
  4. Mimicry is a sign of attraction, we mimic persons we are attracted to.
  5. A woman’s love for a man is directly related to how much she is attracted to his physical appearance.
  6. Subconsciously it takes 6-8 to for the brain to process forgiveness for someone who hurt you emotionally.
  7. Men tend to overestimate a woman’s interest in them and women tend to underestimate a man’s interest in them.
  8. It takes 17 months and 26 days for a typical person to get over an ex.
  9. People desire someone more if they are hard to get. This is called the scarcity principle.

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Psychological Facts About Personality

  1. People with socially awkward personalities tend to be more loyal in love and friendship.
  2. Your gut feelings are usually accurate and correct. If you truly feel something then there is a chance of it being there.
  3. you can tell a lot about a person by what they choose to see in you.
  4. People who keep their hands in a pocket while in large crowds are antisocial and or shy.
  5. Behaviour is based on past actions and experiences.
  6. Complementing yourself each morning while looking in the mirror can improve self-esteem.
  7. Boredom isn’t a bad thing. People with high IQ gets bored easily.
  8. Psychologists say that walking into a room and assuming that everyone likes you is key to confidence.
  9. A sigh acts as a psychological reset button.
  10. People tend to value memories more than people. It is memories that we miss and not the person.
  11. Most of the problems in our life are due to two reasons, you act without thinking or you think without acting.
  12. We blame society but we are society.
  13. What people say about you is a reflection of them, not you. So stop worrying about them.
  14. Among young adults, men tend to masturbate 12 times a month, and women 5 times a month.
  15. On average men ranks humour, intelligence, and niceness above physical appearance.
  16. Lack of sleep is associated with excessive worrying.
  17. Eating a mint can help reduce stress and cure headaches.
  18. Dopamine makes you addicted to seeking information.

Some Random Psychological Facts

  1.  Phobias may be memories passed down to generations through DNA.
  2.  Cherpophobia describes someone afraid of being happy because something bad happens whenever they are happy.
  3. 18-33 are the most stressed-out people on earth.
  4. The most used drug worldwide is caffeine.
  5. Human strength is limited by the brain. We have the strength to move cars.
  6. Alcohol kills 2.5 Million people every year.
  7. Lack of sleep causes the brain to remember events incorrectly.
  8. At rest, your brain used one-fifth of a calorie per minute.
  9. Human brain cells can hold 5 times more information than an encyclopedia.
  10. The faster you might he more weight you gain.
  11. Structure fo brain changes every time you learn something new.
  12. Brain Does not have pain receptors and can not feel pain.
  13. A moment technically means 90 seconds.
  14. Alcohol activates the part of the brain that deals with honesty.
  15. The more attracted you are to someone the easier for them to make you laugh.
  16. Girl talks help women to make closer bonds but also increases depression and anxiety.
  17. Lack of sleep leads to sugar cravings.
  18. Dogs can see the sadness in humans and often try to make their counterparts happy.
  19. Smarter people tend to make sarcastic comments quicker.
  20. A sleeping human brain can still understand the words being spoken around it.
  21. Anxious people are better at detecting lies from others.
  22. If you are feeling tired even after night’s sleep it means you are dehydrated.
  23. It’s very healthy to spend time alone.
  24. Dark chocolate, honey, and eggs can help improve blood flow.
  25. Hearing is the last sense to go when we die.
  26. Hyperthymesia causes some people to remember every day of their lives.
  27.  After 4 days without sleep, humans start to hallucinate.
  28. Spending more time outside decreases the chances of depression.
  29. Psychoticism is lacking in empathy.
  30. People with higher IQ dream more.
  31. Negative emotions can harm and damage the immune system.
  32. Sleeping on the stomach can induce sexier dreams.
  33. Cell phone radiation causes insomnia. Using a phone before sleep can prevent you from sleeping.
  34. A 10-second kiss can pass on 80 million bacteria.
  35. Eating broccoli can make your brain more powerful and sharpen your thinking.
  36. Humans can survive without eating for days however without sleep humans can survive 11 days only.
  37. Cryptomnesia is when memory is hidden from consciousness.
  38.  The more stressed you are the more slowly wounds heal.
  39. The human brain does more creative things when a human is tired.
  40. Humans can not snore and dream at the same time.

So these were some psychological facts about humans and their behaviour. Hope these psychological facts about humans and things around them will help you have a better understanding of the people and world around you.