There are weird laws all over the world which we never knew existed. After hearing these weird laws I was shocked and you too might be surprised or shocked to hear some of them. Even some of you might question the need for their existence but you never know what they lawmakers think while making laws.

We will try to cover a few countries one by one.

Weird Laws In Australia

weird laws in australia


  1. It is illegal in Australia to possess 50Kg of Potatoes. For breaking this law you will be fined $2000 for the first offence and $5000 for the subsequent offence in addition to twice the cost of potatoes you possess. No offence to Australian people however every second household in Indian Village possesses more than 50kg potatoes once a year.
  2. In Southern Australia, it is illegal to ask someone to return a stolen item/product in return for a reward. The maximum penalty is a fine of $500. To be very honest it is very common practice in India to reward someone.
  3. In Victoria, it is an offence to vacuum at night. It is unlawful if your vacuum emits unreasonable noise’ in a residential area between 10 pm and 7 am Monday to Friday and 10 pm and 9 am on weekends and public holidays.
  4. It is illegal to sell, try to sell or rent a refrigerator of storage more than 42.5 L in South Australia. Well in countries like India the most common fridge size is 140L.

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Weird Laws In North Korea

weird laws in north korea

  1. One of the many weird laws states that it is illegal to make international calls in North Korea. In 2007 a man was killed because he made several International calls.
  2. It is illegal to fall asleep while Kim Jong is speaking. This year defence minister of North Korea was executed for doing so.
  3. It is illegal to watch foreign music or foreign movies in a foreign language. You may be executed for watching an American movie however watching Indian movies might lead to imprisonment.
  4. Only male government officials are allowed to drive, even female traffic is not allowed to drive. Even laws restrict people from having cars. Only 1 in 100 people can own a car.
  5. On July 8 it is prohibited to smile. Talking loudly, dancing, or drinking alcohol on this day is restricted. The day is when North Korean president Kim Il-sung dies. His dead body is preserved in a glass tomb.
  6. Wearing a bikini is a strict no and even you are not allowed to wear jeans in North Korea.
  7. The choice of the profession is strictly prohibited. People’s profession is decided by the government as per the needs of the country.
  8. One of the weird laws states that people are allowed to choose from 28 haircuts of which 18 are for women and 10 for men.

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Weird Rules In America

weird laws of america

  1. In Florida, it is illegal to wear masks or hoods in public areas. However, it is only for the people above the age of 16. Rest assured the law is not for days like Halloween.
  2. In Georgia, it is illegal to eat chicken with Fork and Knife. This law is not taken seriously however a visitor was arrested for doing so in 2009.
  3. In Kansas, it is illegal to screech your tires.
  4. In Maryland, it is illegal to curse, swear or use offensive language in a public place.
  5. In Indiana, it is illegal to ride a horse above the speed of 10mph. So people get on with a speedometer fitted on your horse next time you ride a horse.
  6. In Maryland sleeveless T-shirts are banned in public areas. Trust me if you are Salman Khan fan you are in trouble.
  7. In Nevada, it is illegal to walk on sidewalks as it might affect the people walking on those sidewalks. No doubt why it is called the city that never sleeps.

Weird Laws In China

weird laws in china

  1. You do not own the land of your house. Unlike many countries where the land is passed from one generation to another in China only the house belongs to you, not the land.
  2. Pornography is strictly prohibited in China. The Chinese government filters the internet and can block and track anything scandalous.
  3. One of the many weird laws in china makes it mandatory for the kids to salute the passing cars.
  4. Earlier China used to have a one-child policy under which families were prohibited from having more than one child.
  5. The place you are born determines the place where you are going to spend your life. If you were born in a village are forced to live in a village.
  6. A scrapped law in China made it mandatory for people to buy a 23,00o packet of cigarettes every year.
  7. A person is punishable by death if he fails to announce the approach of Russians.

Weird Laws In Japan

  1. Women are prohibited from getting remarried within 6 months of divorce and if they give birth to the child during this period the child will belong to the ex-husband lawfully.
  2. According to one of the weird laws, it is illegal to accept a duel in Japan. If someone in Japan challenges you for are dual and you accept it trust me you are doing it wrong. Just don’t accept it.
  3. Spitting in a park is illegal in Japan. You can spit on roads, sidewalks, and even on another person but the law prohibits you from spitting in parks in Japan.
  4. Accepting the wrong amount of change from the storekeeper is illegal and Japan and you can be sued for the same. So if you visit Japan and a shopkeeper hands you a greater amount of change be active it could be a trap and might land you in jail.
  5. Drinking on the street is legal. Unlike many countries where it is illegal to drink in public places or streets, it is a common culture in Japan to drink on the streets.
  6. Cutting a line in Japan is illegal, unlike many countries where people might give you a hard look in Japan cutting a line might get you in legal trouble. Don’t ever do that if you visit Japan.
  7. If you ordered rice in Japan you are not allowed to throw it, you need to finish it anyhow.
  8. If you do not want to drink, no one in Japan can force you to drink. No, for drinking means no.
  9. Climbing a telephone pole without a professional license is illegal in Japan.

Weird Laws in England

  1. It is illegal to shake a carpet in England before 8 am. In many places, you might have seen people shaking their carpets before dry cleaning them however it is completely prohibited in England.
  2. It is completely illegal to ring someone’s bell and run. Most of us might have done it as a kid however if you were a kid England I am pretty sure you might have not enjoyed such freedom.
  3. Do not get drunk in a pub. Yeah! you heard it right. It is illegal to get drunk in a public place whether a building or not.
  4. According to a weird law in some parts of England, it is illegal to hang your washings outside.
  5. A pregnant woman can pee anywhere she wants.
  6. It is illegal for a lady to eat chocolates on a public conveyance.

Weird Laws In Saudi Arab

  1. On Valentine’s day, you are prohibited from wearing and selling red. If you are found selling anything red on Valentine’s day your shop might get shut.
  2. Movie theatres are banned in Saudi Arab and are only allowed in private company compounds.
  3. Music classes in schools are strict no. It is one of the weirdest laws you will see around the world.
  4. There are no gyms for females in Saudi Arab. Even the females are not allowed to participate in sports.
  5. It is against the law for a nonmuslim to worship in public.
  6. Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arab. They can only drive in dessert or private compounds.
  7. One of the weird laws in Saudi Arab is Celebrating your birthday. It is strictly prohibited in Saudi Arab.

Weird Laws In Pakistan

Weird laws in Pakistan are funny and not weird. They are something you would have never heard of. Just fasten your seat belt for some Paki stuff.

  1. If you spend more than 2 Lakh in a year for your education you need to pay a 5% tax, as compared to other countries where there is a tax exemption in education.
  2. In a time when live-in relationships are increasing in India, it is a strict no for couples living in Pakistan.
  3. It is okay for the Prime Minister to be illiterate however if you want to be a peon you at least need to be a graduate.
  4. Touching someone’s phone without their permission is surely a bad manner and one should not do it. However, touching someone else’s phone without permission in Pakistan is completely illegal. It might land you in jail or might be issued fine for the same.
  5. Uploading a Meme can put you behind bars. Memes have been in trend for a long time now. However, posting memes in Pakistan might get you a fine of 1 Million.
  6. It is illegal for transgender to join the Pakistani army, however transgender people are not prohibited from making their army.
  7. Pakistani people can never be issued a visa to Israel and the reason is just that according to Pakistani law it is not a country.

That’s it for some weird laws all over the world.  However, if you think we missed something weirder just mention in the comment box for us.