Amidst flourishing times for mixed martial arts in India, tides have been accompanying many hidden talents for good. Although there have not been many MMA events in India, still Indian MMA Fighters are known worldwide. All thanks to their will and dedication to ace in a foreign sport. With numerous accolades and medals, these are some of the best Indian MMA fighters in the world.

But before skipping to the main content, let’s go through a quick brief.

What is MMA and Where did it come from?

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts and is also referred to as a cage fight.  It allows striking and grappling. The first regulated MMA league was organized in the United States and was also known as the Battle of super fighters.  In 1993 a rule was passed in Pennsylvania Senate prohibiting the sport.

However, later Ultimate Fight Championship MMA promotion company was formed. The events under the company had almost no rules. And this made this sport even more deadly and full of rage. But still International Mixed Martial Arts Federation is the highest body that governs it.

MMA in India

MMA in India is promoted by the Super Fight League. The organization is co-owned by British-Asian businessman Bill Dosanjh and British-Pakistani boxing champion. Bill Dosanjh belongs to a Punjabi family and grew up in India and mode to Britain for better career opportunities. . Bill Dosanjh’s net worth can be assumed from the fact that the businessman invested 200cr in the tournament and plans to invest 100cr more in the coming days. However, the firm was established by Sanjay Dutt and Raj Kundra. The organization has been active for over 8 years now. The organization has telecasted over 67 live events and has over 50 million views.

This literally started the MMA career in India, followed by many full-fledged MMA championships.

India has its own Super Fight League Challenge similar to the Ultimate Fighter where 8 male and 8 female fighters are kept in one house to complete a variety of tasks and be a winner.  Every alternate episode has 2 fights where the losing fighters have to leave the house and the winners proceed to the next round.

The show went for 50 days. The winner received a prize of 2 Million Indian Rupee and a 3-year contract worth 2.5 Million Indian Rupee with the promotion. The show had 8 teams the names are listed below:

  • Bengaluru Tigers
  • Haryana Sultans
  • Sher-e-Punjab
  • Mumbai Maniacs
  • Gujarat Warriors
  • U.P Nawabs
  • Tamil Veerans
  • Delhi Heroes

Now let’s quickly smash the glass and skip to the list of 5 Indian MMA Fighters who you may not wanna mess up with.

Best Indian MMA Fighters With Punches Of Steel

 Kantharaj Agasa (9 Undefeated Win Streaks)

indian mma fighters

Kantharaj Agasa is considered one of the best Indian MMA fighters with a pro-MMA record of 11-2-0.

He has fought for organizations like Super Fight League, Brave FC, and Kumite 1 League. He is currently affiliated with the Indian Combat Sports Academy. Agasa currently has a ranking of 333 in the Bantamweight class. Born in Shivmoga and Kantharaj is a part of the Super Fight League Challenge. Has also been leading the Sher-e-Punjab team.

He has over 6k followers on Instagram which clearly indicates that MMA fighters in Indian are not yet locally recognized. Apart from that, he’s a great inspiration for the other Indian MMA fighters.

Worldwide Ranking: 289

Regional Rankings: 2nd out of 143 active Asia South Bantamweights.

Kantharaj Agasa Net Worth: $20 Million

Link To His Fighting Videos: Click Here

Srikant Sekhar

mma fighters india

Srikant Shekhar goes by the nickname “Captain Crazy”. He has a pro-MMA record of 5-4-0. He has his last fight on 29th June 2019. This 28-year-old Indian MMA fighter is born out of Orissa. Srikant is also ranked 15th in Asia South Pro Lightweights out of 134 active fighters.

With 2.5k Instagram followers, he’s slowly rising up in the list of Indian MMA Fighters known worldwide. Moreover, he’s often compared with Jason Solomon (MMA fighter).

Career Earnings: Undisclosed

Instagram: Srikant Sekhar

Link Of His Fighting Videos: Here


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Sumeet Khade

Sumeet Khade indian mma fighter

Sumeet Khade is another Indian MMA fighter with a pro-MMA record of 10-4-0. Sumeet Khade is also ranked 9th in Asia South Pro Lightweights out of 134 active fighters.

He has been doing Karate since he was 8 and has also participated in some Japanese Karate tournaments. Sumeet  Khade trained in the United States for about 6 months with big names like Jon Jones, BJ Penn, Holly Holm. He is one of the fortunate Indian MMA fighters to have trained in the United States.

He has around 3.5k followers on Instagram, which is still less for a National Awardee 2018. Now he runs his own gym @fitnesswynk, where he trains other aspirants of the field.

Instagram: Sumeet Khade

Link Of His Fighting Videos: Here

Govind Ale

Govind Ale

Govind Ale goes by the nickname “The Mountain Boy“. He has a PRO MMA record of 6-2-0. Govind Singh is ranked 14th in the list of active Asia South Pro Bantamweights. Besides being one of the successful Indian MMA fighters, he is also a lead trainer at CultFit.  He has been part of the MMA circuit since 2013.

Govind has around 2.6k Instagram followers, where his videos and fighting updates are acknowledged and appreciated.


Instagram: Govind Ale

Link Of His Fighting Videos: Click Here

Career Earnings: Undisclosed

Vikas Singh Ruhil

Vikas Singh has a pro-MMA record of 12-6-0. Currently, Vikas Singh is on a winning streak of 5 games. He had his last fight on 28th Feb 2020. The fight was between Vikas Singh Ruhil and Kuldeep Singh Maan Sekhon. Vikas ranks 6th among 134 active  Asia South Pro Lightweights.

Vikas hails from Haryana and has around 4.3k followers on Instagram. Interestingly, he’s nicknamed as “Gabbar Singh“, a famous villain from the film ‘Sholay’.

Current Streak: 7 Wins

Instagram: Vikas Singh

Facebook: Vikas


So these were the 5 Indian MMA Fighters with their net worth, earnings, records, rankings, and links of their personal profiles. The article on Indian MMA fighters has been published after a lot of research, However, if you think we missed someone in this list, just leave us a comment.

We’re always ready to improve ourselves. For more, stay tuned.