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In-house parties are some tough ones to host but are equally potential mood-boosters if planned right. This planning can vary anywhere between fixing fairy lights, to organizing In-house party games to make sure the guests are entertained. And because the best drinking games are hard to find, here are the best in-house party games that may actually boost up your drinking carnival.

10 In-House Party games/Drinking Games to multiply the FUN

1: Flip Cup

Easy Drinking games of Flip cup
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As the name suggests, this drinking game is all about flipping paper cups upside down. The game consists of an equal number of players who stand facing each other at the opposite sides of the table. Disposable plastic cups with different kinds of beverages are kept on the edge.

The initiating member must drink the beverage first and then try to flip it upside down with just one hand. This must continue as long as the cup flips upside down. Then the next team-mate begins.

The fastest to finish with all the cups wins. Simple drinking game? Not as much as you think.

2: Beer Die

Drinking Fun with Beer Die

This in-house party game is also played on a table. The opponents sit on the opposite sides facing each other. Disposable cups are also arranged as in Flip Cup with “beer” being the main beverage. Now, a die is tossed either to land in the opponent’s cup or to strike the table and fall down. But here is a catch.

If the opponent catches the die after it hits the table but before striking a non-table surface, the opponent gets a plus point. But if it lands into the cup, the striker gets the point. After every success, the beverage is drunk from the cup.

The fastest one to finish all, WINS.

3: Jenga

At home party games of drunk jenga

Ideas for in-house party games often start with Jenga. And because it tests your concentration, it’s one of the ideal drinking games that everybody should try. So Jenga is basically played with 54 wooden blocks that are stacked together to form a tower.

Now each opponent must try to take out one block from it (with just one hand) and place it on the top. Success shifts the turn to the opponent. But if the tower or any other piece except the one you knocked out falls down, you lose.

4: Buzz

house party similar games Buzz

The simplest of the drinking games is the BUZZ. Here each player starts counting aloud except for the 7 and its multiples. But if they count 7 or its multiple, everybody should say BUZZ. The one failing to do so has to drink. Sounds fun right?

5: Fuzzy Duck

Fuzzy Duck In house party games

This in-house party game can be played with any no. of players. The players sit In a circle and turn by turn say Fuzzy Duck. However, if anyone from them says “does he“, the turn shifts to pass on in the opposite direction (clockwise-anticlockwise mode). But here is a catch. Now instead of “fuzzy duck“, the next player must say “ducky fuzz“.

But if the rhythm breaks or a wrong word is said, that person has to drink the decided level of alcohol to resume.

6: Straight Face

Straight face drinking games for friends

One of the funniest in-house party games is the Straight Face. Every player writes funny or inappropriate content on small paper-pieces. They are then passed on to the opponents who must hold their faces straight in any case. The one who giggles or reacts must drink.

If you wish to play drinking games with friends, then this one perfectly suits the plan.

7: Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever Drinking Game

This is basically an in-house party game that is specially designed to bust down the secrets people often hide. So the starting one has to share something that has never been done before and the people who have must take a sip. This gives people a chance to know others.

For example, let’s just say “Never have I ever kissed someone“. The people who have will take a sip and will also tell you the story behind. Sounds fun? Great.

8: Power Hour

Easy Drinking games

As the name itself suggests, this one hour game is a test of your drinking capacity. The players must consume a specific no. of shots of any beverage they like. It’s variants consist of taking one beer shot every minute for one hour, or simply 60 shots per hour.

In America, it’s also called 21 for 21 and is often celebrated when a person reaches the legal age of drinking i.e. 21.

9: Beer Checkers

Drinking beer game

This one is one of the finest drinking games for friends. It is played on a checkboard. It’s played like as per the rules of English draught. If any glass reaches to the king’s row, it becomes the king. The king glass is then filled completely up to the top.

If an opponent’s piece manages to jump over your piece, you’ll have to drink the beverage from the jumped one.

The game continues until all the movements of the opponent are blocked. A better drinking game for friends right? But the props pose a problem before starting this game.

10: Beer Darts

Best drinking games

It involves aluminium beer cans that have to be hit with metal darts by the opponent. If it connects, you have to take a sip depending upon if the can gets punctured by your throw or not. There are a no. of rules you can play this game with. As you don’t need a lot of props here, this is just one of the best drinking games we have for the In-house parties and meetups.

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Hope these easy drinking games multiply the drinking fun. Cheers!