Kota Factory: Best web series on YouTube

Do you know what’s the best part about the web series on YouTube? They don’t need any monthly subscriptions to start with. Which means that you can easily find some best web series on YouTube by paying exactly nothing and still remaining uncompromised in the quality.

With thousands of videos uploaded every day, it’s still a tiring task to search the best web series on YouTube. But not anymore. As today, we have a list of 7 Best Web Series on YouTube which will literally please you in every sense.

So just stay with us and keep scrolling down until you find yours.

List of 7 Best Web Series on YouTube

Kota Factory (IMDb: 9.1)

Kota Factory: Best web series on YouTube

Kota Factory is the story that reflects the challenges that IIT-JEE aspirants face in their day-to-day lives. It’s a TVF Original web series whose name is just enough to justify the quality it bears. What’s surprising is that it is India’s first “Black and White” web series.

It revolves around the life of a 16-year-old Vaibhav, who is also an IIT JEE aspirant shifted to Kota, Rajasthan. How he copes up with his own problems and strives to ace the exam, is what Kota Factory unveils.

Its twisting story-plot and the suspense in the climax is just wow. That’s why it’s counted among the best web series on YouTube.

College Romance (IMDb: 9)

College Romance: top Web Series on Youtube

College Romance as the name suggests narrates the romantic take-off of three best friends named Naira, Trippy, and Karan. But unlike the other romantic web series, it is highly comedy based. They all fall in love and comically takes it forward despite the ups and downs that follow.

A true blend of comedy and love is what makes it one of the top web series on YouTube.

Little Things (IMDb: 8.3)

Little Things

Being shot in the lights of contemporary Mumbai, Little Things is a story of Dhruv and Kavya, a cohabiting couple. Both being in their 20s navigate through the ups and downs of work, existence, and modern-day relationships.

Its Season 1 is on YouTube, while the other seasons are on Netflix. So if you wish to see a love tale expanding in different dimensions, then Little Things should be your next TV series.

Cubicles (IMDb: 8.3)

Best Hindi web series on Youtube: Cubicles

Yet another masterpiece from TVF. ‘Cubicles’ is a story of an IT employee Piyush. It showcases the important moments of corporate life. What challenges does Piyush face, his problems, moments of success and failure, are very well picturised in this web series.

So if you belong to the corporate industry then you’d definitely find it relatable. Its ratings define that it’s one of the best web series on YouTube.

What The Folks (IMDb: 8.2)

What The Folks

It’s a conventional story drama revolving around the lives of Nikhil, his wife Anita, and their families. It shows how the modern age families try to break the stereotypes and fill the generation gaps in an attempt to grow and love each other unconditionally.

Setting an example of how two families after marriage should behave and cooperate with their next-generation, this web series touches even the very minute details and events that take place in every home.

Among the top web series on YouTube, What The Folks has definitely booked a slot.

Official Chukyagiri (IMDb: 7.2)

Official Chukyagiri

It is a story of Spandan Chukya, who shifts from Meerut to Mumbai on his first joining. But as he proceeds as an intern, he discovers that to achieve something, you have to pay a price.

His ideas and work ethics get him a permanent spot in the company. But that takes a lot of hard work and humiliation which is true in the present-day context.

Although it’s not very popular it’s one of the best web series on YouTube. So wait less, and stream more.

Wrong Number (IMDb: Not available)

Wrong Number

Karan by mistake receives a message from Khushi (a medical student) on his new number. The twist is that Karan’s new no. previously belonged to Khushi’s ex-boyfriend Rajat.

How far this confusion goes and what its consequences will be, is beautifully showcased in this web series. Moreover, it has 2 seasons, out of which the second one is the latest release.

It’s a romantic drama surfacing the dark and bright side of the relationships. So if you love romantic stuff, then just go for this best web series on YouTube.

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So these were our top web series on Youtube which are absolutely free of cost. Although they are all Indian, in our next list we’ll try to cover up the ones viewed globally. For more best Hindi web series on youtube, kindly be in touch.

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