Best Erotic Movies Online

Out of all the genres we have today, Erotica is likely the only one that may stir all your sexual fantasies and desires. The reason being its intense foreplay and steaming story plots. And ever since the demand for Erotica grew, Erotic movies started flooding the industry. Now we have some best erotic movies for women, men, and couples in general, all available online for free.

But finding free erotic movies online is an exhaustive task. And because we feel you better, there is no need to worry anymore. As here today, we have come up with a list of some best erotic movies of all time. So just relax and be ready for some top-notch sexually erotic movies that might tickle your hormones even further.

Top 10 Best Erotic Movies Online

10: All Ladies Do It


All Ladies do it

Originally named as ‘Così fan Tutte‘, the film is all about a 24-year-old lady. Although she is happily married but often gets a restless craving of spicing up life through some extramarital experiences. The journey of her inexplicable lust makes this film one of the intense sexually erotic movies ever made. Truly evokes eroticism with the screenplay of Tinto Brass.


9: Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades darker

The second part of the famous erotic movie called “Fifty Shades of Grey“. A story of Anastasia, a Literature student who meets a tormented and highly dominating (sexually) billionaire. The seductive plot of manipulating him and getting him to fulfill his sexual desires makes this movie highly erotic.

Of all the free erotic movies online, this one is the most easily available. You can find it on multiple torrent sites and quickly escalate your urges.

8: Monamour

Monamour- hottest erotic movie online

One name among the best erotic movies is that of Manamour. This is a story of a neglected housewife who starts an extramarital affair behind her husband’s back. Seeing her transformation, the husband experiences a new enthusiasm and interest for her. What happens next is up to you to find out. Undoubtedly one of the best erotic movies online for the couples I can say.

7: Nymphomaniac (Volume I and II)


As the name suggests, this film is all about a self-diagnosed Nymphomaniac. She gets saved from a violent incident by a man. It’s when she narrates her sexually erotic experiences to the same guy and turns the real heat on. So if you want to watch online erotic movies, then Nymphomaniac can definitely be a better bid as far as adult erotic movies online are concerned.

6: Lolita

Lolita (French Erotic movies)

Based on Vladimir Nabokov’s 1955 based novel, “Lolita” is the story of a professor who rents a room in a widow’s house just because he gets attracted to her 14-year-old daughter. Later she marries the widow to see her daughter touring around the house in his presence. But the widow lady finds out a secret diary of the professor and discovers his dirty intentions. The way the story escalates further makes it one of the best and the most intense erotic movies of all time.

5: Basic Instincts

Basic Instincts (Free erotic movies watch)

This film is the best among Hollywood erotic movies. It deals with a violent investigating officer who tries to figure out a mysterious death. A novelist’s, who he finds out manipulative and extremely seductive. What makes it seductive is again your duty to unveil. The entire plot is steamy and the picturization lands it among the category of best erotic movies available online.

4: Sex and Lucia

Sex and Lucia (Best Erotic movies online)

The film is about Lucia, who after finding out that her boyfriend may have died, shifts to a remote Spanish island. There she meets a diver and his boyfriend’s ex-lover. As the story untangles, she comes to know about his tragic past. A past that may have inspired him to write a novel, feel depressed, and commit suicide. The story simplifies in an erotic way, which is why we have included this in the list of the best erotic movies that you can binge-watch right away.

3: Malena

French Erotic movie watch online

Monica Bellucci’s hot presence in Malena makes it the best erotic movie available online. The film revolves around a teenage boy who gets love-stricken with a sensual lady, Malena. His urge to see her every day, and peeping into her house to see her hot body evokes eroticism in this film. Whether he fulfills his motives or not is what you must find out.

But be careful, as this is one of the hottest sexually erotic movies in the list.

2: Shame (Hottest Sexually Erotic Movies)

Shame Hollywood Erotic Movies

Now this one would definitely relate to you if you are looking for the best erotic movies for couples. “Shame” is the story of a sex-addict who fails to proceed with his urges as her sister arrives at his house to stay. However, as the stay gets indefinite, he finds it hard to manage his sexual behavior.

1: The Dreamers (Among Hollywood Erotic Movies)

Free Erotic movies

It’s about an American student who is studying in Paris. There he starts his friendship with a French brother and sister. the “Paris Student Riots” of 1968 serves as the actual background of the movie. The erotic content in the film is high. Also, it’d be a perfect treat for the ones looking for french erotic movies. So if you want to charge up sexually, just go and watch this erotic movie online right now for free.

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Bonus Hollywood Erotic Movies Online for Women

 Blue is the Warmest Colour

Best Erotic Movies

Adele meets Emma, a blue-haired woman, and finds her extremely desirable. She then lets her get in the act and find out the different sides of adulthood and love. This movie is her journey where she seeks her womanhood, and have to go through different phases to finally find herself in the end.

That has pretty much solved the ‘erotic movies watch online‘ query I guess.

As you now have the list, so go on, and quench your fantasies with the dose of some sexually erotic movies online. Happy binge-watching!