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8 Guinness World Records That Will Make You Go Nuts

A hell lot of Guinness World Records are made every year and many are broken. However, there are certain Guinness World Records that will make you think about what you know and what you don’t.

Well, we all know something about human life, however, most of us don’t know about creatures that stay with us and we are still unaware of them.

Today we will like to share with some of the Guinness World Records including animals that were there at some point or are still existent.

Guinness World Records of the Tallest Dinosaur

Guinness world records tallest dinosaur

The Sauroposeidon is the tallest Dinosaur found to date. It stood 60ft tall and weighed about 60tonnes. It lived about 110 million years ago. Its fossils were found in the American states of Oklahoma. Sauroposeidon might hold the record for the tallest Dinosaur however it is neither the most massive nor the longest dinosaur to have lived on the earth

Guinness World Records for the Most Venomous Scorpion

guinnesss world records for venomous scorpion

The most venomous scorpion is the one belonging to the genus of Andoctonus. They are fat-tailed scorpions and have different species are each other’s rival in terms of venom strength. A. australis has a fatal dose of 18.2 mg for a 70kg adult and is also responsible for 80% of stings and 90% from scorpion stings in North Africa. The scorpion has a life of 4 years and is 10cm long and weighs 15g.

Guinness World Records For the Largest Bear

guinness world records for largest bear

The largest bear alive today is the polar bear it weighs 400–600 kg (880–1,320 lb), and has a nose-to-tail length of 2.4–2.6 m (7 ft 10 in–8 ft 6 in). It is found in Greenland, Arctic Russia, Arctic Canada, and Arctic USA. It is a hyper carnivorous bear. Hyper Carnivorous in an animal whose diet 70% o diet accounts for meat. They have 42 teeth and reflect their carnivorous diet.

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Guinness World Records For Fastest Evolving Animal

guinness world record for fastest evloving mammal

Sphenodon punctatus, a type of reptile that is making 1.37 substitutions per base per every million years however every other species make 0.2 in the same amount of time. The reptile is also a tuatara. They are generally found in New Zealand and look like a lizard. Tuataras are generally greenish-brown and grey and measure up to 80cm and weighs up to 1.3kg. The Tuatara is considered as one of the most unspecialized amniotes.

Their heart is more primitive than any other reptile. Tuatara has both characteristics of a lizard and a crocodile. Its tails resemble a crocodile however they have a similar trait to that of lizards. They can cut off their tail when caught by a predator and then regenerate it later on.

Guinness World Records For the Smallest Owl

Guinness world records for smallest owl

The elf owl is the smallest owl and is the size of a sparrow found in the Southwestern United States. The scientific name for it is Micrathene whitneyi. It is the size of 12-14 cm and weighs less than 15g. They have a life span of 3 to 6 years and in captivity may live up to 10 years.

They can be easily spotted during the breeding season during dusk and before dawn. Elf owls feed mainly on insects, so they occupy habitats with a ready supply of them. They primarily feed on moths, crickets, scorpions, and beetles.

Guinness World Records For the Rarest Big Cat

Guinness world records for

Amur leopard goes with the scientific name of Panthera pardus orientllis and is the world’s rarest big cat. Only 65-69 individuals were estimated to exist in 2015 however, in 2019 the population was close to 90 leopards. They are native to forests of Noth eastern China and Russia far east. The Amur leopard is classified as Critically Endangered.

The Amur leopard has thick fur that is pale cream-coloured particularly in winters and this is what makes them different from other leopard spices.  They measure from 107-176cm  (males) with an 82-90cm long tail and a shoulder height of 64-78cm and weighs about 32.2 to 48Kg.

Guinness World Records for The Fastest Moving Snake

Guinness world records for fastest moving Snake

African black mamba is the world’s fastest-moving snake. It is a large and highly venomous snake that is native to Sub South Africa.  It is capable of moving at a speed of 4.32-5.4 meters per second. When cornered or threatened, the black mamba can put up a fearsome display of defence and aggression. A black mamba will often mimic a cobra by spreading a neck-flap, exposing its black mouth, raising its body off the ground, and hissing. It can rear up around one-third of its body from the ground, which can put it at about four feet high. The strikes of African black mamba is quite quick and accurate.

Guinness World Records for the Wildest Gape of Mammal

Guinness world records for longest gape

The Hippopotamus of sub-Saharan Africa has the wildest gape of any mammal. It can open its jaw up o 150°. This is almost 100° more than what a human can open. An adult Hippopotamus weighs about 1500 kg. Despite its large weight and size, it is capable of running at a speed of 30kmph.

Those are the ones we thought were worth sharing. If you think there are more than you can add you are always welcome to write to us.

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