smartest animals in the world

Measuring animal intelligence is not an easy task and ranking animals based on their smartness is next to impossible. However, the question about the smartest animals in the world is never-ending. Moreover, animals can not be ranked based on smartness because it’s very hard to compare the smartness of 2 different species as the tasks and intelligence tests are different for different species.

According to Virginia Morell, author of “Animal Wise” animals evolve different sorts of abilities to cope up with their surroundings and pressure to survive in their habitat. It’s hard to rank animals based on smartness. With the advancement of technology and growth in research on animal smartness, it has been figured out that, everything these animal does have an intention. They just don’t roam around and do things that we don’t understand. So the answer to the question of what is the smartest animal remains unanswered. However, we do have some of the smartest animals in the world, which has surprised everyone with the smart things they do.

So let’s get the ball rolling with names of the smartest animals in the world.

*Note: The list does not rank the animals from 1-10 or wise versa depending upon their intelligence and has already been stated by Morrell. 

Smart Chimps

Chimpanzees are known to be the closest relatives to humans and have been known to outperform humans at memory tasks outperforming human kids. This is the closest proof of their overall smartness. Also, the chimps are good at making tools using stones.

They are very good at remembering symbols. They are very smart and good at mirror self-recognition. Chimps are known to have very sensitive armpits and stomachs and can feel tickling just like humans.

A young chimpanzee was crowned as number one in the list of “10 Animal Noble Prize for Overall Smartness” by Fras de Waal, of Emory University.

” Almost Human, and Sometimes Smarter.” was the headline in the 2007 New York Times, and it sums up the overall intelligence of Chimps.

Raccoon the Robber

Raccoons have been described as a clever beast and very cunning and might surpass foxes in cunningness.  In a study, raccoons were able to open 11 out of 13 locks in less than 10 attempts and had no problem in repeating the action even when the locks were turned sideways or upside down. Raccoons based on their overall intelligence and smartness can replace any robber for breaking the locks.

Raccoons are able to differentiate similar and different symbols even after 3 years of the learning phase.

Crows the Physicians

Crows are known to be good at physics and are evident from the story thirsty crow. Moreover, that is just not a story but an art or survival instinct that crows have learned over a period of time. They have learned the art of displacement that would help them reach the desired object.

Also, they are very good at memorizing routes and would memories the routes where the food would be easily available and reach the destination at the right time. If you wanna talk about some of the smartest animals count them in.

Elephant the Team Animal

Elephants are known to work as a team and very able to clear a test of cooperation with flying colors. They have great retaining power and can easily recognize themselves in the mirror.  Elephants are quite helpful, show empathy, and very compassionate. Elephants are also known to be eager to learn about their surroundings.

Parrots the Speaker

Parrots are known to reproduce sounds from different languages including English and are also aware of the meaning of English words. The most impressive has been Alex, an African Grey parrot who has learned more than 100 English words and can easily identify shapes and colors.

Also, some species of parrots, such as the kea, are also highly skilled at using tools and solving puzzles, and also parrots have demonstrated intelligence through scientific testing of their language-using ability.

Dogs the Follower

Man’s best friend has always been a dog. These fluffy canines are very good at learning human gestures.  All over the world dogs can be seen doing household works and helping their human counterparts.

Dogs can recognize and follow human gestures like finger pointing and eye movement without any training and it is a privilege for one of the smartest animals in the world.

Cats don’t Dependent

The next animal in the list of smartest animals in the world is Cats. Cats generally don’t participate in any experiments and that is considered to be one trait of their intelligence. Cats are self-dependent and unlike dogs don’t depend on their human counterpart.

They are known to self-dependent when it comes to grooming and hunting as well.

Dolphins the Socialiser

Dolphins are social animals just like humans and it has been a metric of their intelligence now. Dolphins are able to recognize themselves in the mirror.  They are very social and can easily identify what, who and where about their groups very easily.  Just like humans, they can easily read the feelings of their counterparts.

They are also known to imitate humans just like humans mimic someone.

Pigs Can Feel

Pigs are no less to dogs when compares in intelligence. These might be a surprise addition to the list of smartest animals in the world however just like dogs pigs can understand emotions such as empathy and known to solve puzzles and can also be a good friend to humans.

A six-week-old piglet is can learn the concept of reflection in few hours which in terms of human kids might take months.

Octopus the Jail Breaker

Just like Sylvester Stallone of Escape plan, an octopus is very good at making a plan for its escape. Octopuses are very intelligent creatures and have proven their intelligence from time to time. They can easily pop lids off screw-top jars and compress their bulky bodies to pass through small holes.

Through several mazes-solving experiments, octopuses are known to have both short-term and long-term memory and readily distinguish between different shapes and patterns.

Don’t you think these animals are not far from us when it comes to smartness. Some of them are smart enough to outfox us in certain conditions. So what’s your take on the smartest animals in the world. Just mention it down in the comment section.