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Finding the right stuff to binge-watch is undoubtedly the hardest job these days. Hardest because it’s both confusing and exhaustive to scroll through most of the Internet and end up with nothing. And this job toughens when you plan to watch something with your better half. But no worries, as this blog will list down the 10 Most Romantic Hollywood Movies that you can binge-watch right away.

10  Most Romantic Hollywood Movies So Far

10: Bottled With Love (IMDb: 7.2)

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This one being the latest in the most romantic English movies is the story of Abbey who writes her heart out in a letter, encloses it in a bottle, and tosses it into the sea. A few months later, a man discovers it while fishing and plans to reach out.

The way the story is woven with a beautiful picturization, it is truly deserving to be one of the most romantic Hollywood movies of all time.

9: Five Feet Apart (IMDb:7.2)

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It’s a story of two teenagers who are suffering from cystic fibrosis. They meet in a hospital and eventually fall in love with each other. The twist is all about finding out that with such medical condition where the two must avoid any close physical contact, how do they manage to continue their love.

8: Northanger Abbey (IMDb: 7.3)

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Inspired by Jane Austen’s novel, this is a story of a young woman who has a strong liking towards sensational novels. Due to this, there develop certain misunderstandings in her life. How she deals with them and whether she succeeds or not is up to you to find out.

7: Waves (IMDb: 7.6)

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This is the story of a father who is although well-intentioned but highly dominating. It’s his journey which sails through love, forgiveness and coming together in the end. It’s clubbed with a few most romantic scenes that you’ll love watching.

6: Sense and Sensibility (IMDb: 7.6)

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Mr Dashwood who is super-rich faces a sudden death which leaves his second wife and three daughters behind. But because they couldn’t inherit his property by rules, they have to live in poverty. You’ll find it a tale of romantic emotions stacked together with some of the most romantic lines.

5: Dodsworth (IMDb: 7.8)

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Dodsworth is the story of a couple who takes a trip to Europe only to find that they are very different from each other. Their wants from life do not match. But still how they continue living together is enough to stir romance in your hearts. The only thing is that it’s a black and white romantic English movie.

4: Little Women (IMDb:7.9)

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It’s a story of the March sisters being narrated by one of them, Jo March. How ladies, especially young women should live their life is well picturized and shown in this movie. This overpowered thought and emotions make it eligible to be listed among the most romantic movies of Hollywood.

It stands among some most romantic Hollywood movies due to its relatability with the real-life world and emotions.

3: Roman Holiday (IMDb: 8)

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A princess escapes her palace and guardians only to fall in love with an American Newsman living in Rome. It’s a 1953 romantic comedy movie and also one of the finest among the most romantic comedies till now. So if you open to some classical romance, then this movie is a perfect bid for you.

2: Before Sunrise (IMDb:8.1)

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Meeting on a train in Europe, two young souls decide to spend one evening together in Vienna. So falling in love in spite of knowing that it’s probably their only night together is something you can watch. This has the best material for you if you are looking for some romantic lines for gf (girlfriend).

1: Marriage Story (IMDb:8)

10 Most Romantic Hollywood Movies

Directed by Noah Baumbach, “Marriage Story” is an incisive look depicting a failed marriage but the family still living together. With some of the most romantic scenes, it has those moments which can literally stir your emotions. So what are you waiting for now?

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This compilation of 10 most romantic Hollywood movies is purely based on ratings, story line-ups, and trusted reviews. They are all binge-watch sort of stuff that is available online across many movie dealing platforms. So stop spamming google with “romantic full movie“, or “most romantic scenes”. You have a list now. All you have to do is to create an environment and go.